Welcome to the ICAS. We provide lectures, seminars and discussions of issues related to Japanese politics, society and economics. Participants include a wide range of individuals from both the foreign and Japanese business, government and academic communities. We also publish articles on Asian and US affairs, host adjunct and visiting fellows, and coordinate undergraduate and graduate student internships. Our events and publications are in English. Recent event videos may be found below, or browse by topic here.

Should you have any questions, please contact either Robert Dujarric, ICAS Director at icas@tuj.temple.edu.

Latest Event Videos

Mobility as capability: Women in the Indian informal economy

Nikhila Menon, and Stephanie Barrientos

The Middle East Crisis: Implications for Japan and East Asia

Kazuto Suzuki, Christopher Lamont, and Tom O’Sullivan

Irezumi vs. Tattoos: Perceptions of Japanese Tattooing from Past to Present

Yoshimi Yamamoto, Megumu Kamata, and Taro Nettleton

Latest Event Slides