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Sven Saaler on Public Statuary and Nationalism in Modern and Contemporary Japan

Tuesday, July 21, 2020   16:00 - 17:30

  • Sven Saaler (Professor of Modern Japanese History, Sophia University)


Sven Saaler is the author of the forthcoming Men in Metal: A Topography of Public Bronze Statuary in Modern Japan (Brill 2020). In the book, he examines Japanese public statuary as a central site of historical memory from its beginnings in the Meiji period through the twenty-first century. Saaler shows how the elites of the modern Japanese nation-state went about constructing an iconography of national heroes to serve their agenda of instilling national (and nationalist) thinking into the masses.

At a time where statues have been at the forefront of public debates and demonstrations throughout the world, this will be a particularly timely session.

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“Sven Saaler on Public Statuary and Nationalism in Modern and Contemporary Japan”

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  Tuesday 21 July 2020 | 16:00 – 17:30 (JST)

Date & Time:
Tuesday, July 21, 2020   16:00 - 17:30
Robert Dujarric (ICAS Director)
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Sven Saaler

Professor of Modern Japanese History, Sophia University

Sven Saaler is Professor of Modern Japanese History at Sophia University in Tokyo. He has published extensively on issues of historical memory in Japan; the transnational ideology of Pan-Asianism and facets of regionalism in modern East Asia; as well as on Japanese-German relations. His 2005 book Politics, Memory and Public Opinion and a number of articles dealt with the Japanese history textbook controversy, the Yasukuni Shrine issue and historical consciousness in Japan. Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History (2007) was the first book-length publication in English on historical issues of East Asian regionalism; Pan-Asianism. A Documentary History (2011) is a two-volume primary source collection tracing regionalism in East Asian history.