John Bradford’s Publication

Academic Journal Articles

  • Japanese Naval Cooperation in Southeast Asian Waters: Building on 50 Years of Maritime Security Capacity Building Activities, Asian Security, May 2020.
  • 対機雷戦日米韓安全保障協力の新たなアジェンダ, 海幹校戦略研究, Jan 2019 (with Narushige Michishita and Daniel Fillion). Published in Japanese. English citation: Anti-Mine Warfare – A New Agenda of Japan-US and South Korea Security Cooperation, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Command and Staff College Review, Jan 2019.
  • Waves of Change: Evolution in the U.S. Navy’s Strategic Approach to Disaster Relief Operations Between the 2004 and 2011 Asian Tsunamis, Asian Security, spring 2013.
  • The Case for a Northeast Asian Disaster Relief Hub, Asia Policy, June 2012 (with Deogsan Ahn, James Newberry and Harold Wescott).
  • The Maritime Strategy of the United States: Implications for Indo-Pacific Sealanes, Contemporary Southeast Asia, Aug 2011.
  • Shifting the Tides Against Piracy in Southeast Asian Waters, Asian Survey, May/June 2008. 
  • The Growing Prospects for Maritime Security Cooperation in Southeast Asia, Naval War College Review, summer 2005.
  • Japanese Anti-Piracy Initiatives in Southeast Asia: Policy Formulation and Coastal State Responses, Contemporary Southeast Asia, Vol. 26, No. 3, Dec 2004.

Edited Volumes

  • U.S.-Japan Alliance Handbook. Office of the Secretary of Defense-Policy and National Defense University. 2nd edition Nov 2012. 1st edition Nov 2010.

Book Chapters

  • Japanese Airpower Strategy. Airpower in the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific, Howard Hensel, ed. Routledge, 2020 (with Bret Perry).
  • U.S. Counter-Piracy Efforts in Southeast Asia 2004-2015: Consistent, Cooperative and Supportive, Piracy in Southeast Asia: Trends, Hot Spots and Responses, Caroline Liss and Ted Biggs (eds), Routledge, 2017.

Conference Proceedings

  • U.S. Strategic Interests and Cooperative Activities in Maritime Southeast Asia, Maritime Security in Southeast Asia: U.S., Japanese, Regional and Industry Strategies, John Bradford, James Manicom, Simon Sheldon and Neil Quartaro, National Bureau of Asian Research Special Report #24, Nov 2010 (also published in The Global Maritime Security and the Japan-U.S. Alliance, Japan Forum on International Relations, May 2010).

Professional Journal Articles

  • Trilateral Security Cooperation: Act Now Against Sea Mines U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Jan 2018 (with Daniel Fillion).
  • Build Cross Cultural Competence, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, March 2008 (with Annette Bradford).

Encyclopedia Entries

  • Japan (1945 to present), Orang Laut, Tandjong Priok, Turtle Ships and Zheng He, The Sea in World History: Exploration, Travel, and Trade, Stephen Stein (ed), ABC-CLIO, 2017.
  • Indonesian Revolution, Fall of Malaya-Singapore, Indonesian-Malaysian Confrontation and Malayan Emergency, International Encyclopedia of Military History, James Bradford (ed), Routledge, 2006.

Research Institute Publication Sereies

  • Southeast Asia: A New Strategic Nexus for Japan’s Maritime Strategy, Regional Strategies Week, Center for International Maritime Security, 21 Sept 2020.
  • Maritime Issues in the Indo-Pacific: Building a Shared Vision of “Free and Open,” Issues & Insights, Vol 20, No 1, Pacific Forum, March 2020 (ed with Nick Millward and Caitlin Doornbos).
  • Understanding 50 Years of Japanese Maritime Security Initiatives in Southeast Asia, Foreign Expert Perspectives, National Institute of Defense, Sept 2018.
  • Beyond Bilateralism: Exercising the Maritime Security Network in Southeast Asia, Issues & Insights, Vol 16, No 11, CSIS PACFORUM, 15 Jun 2016 (with Greg Adams).
  • The Global Maritime Fulcrum: A New American Opportunity to Seriously Engage Indonesia, Issues & Insights, Vol 15, No 9, CSIS PACFORUM, 6 Oct 2015 (with Sean Quirk).
  • Japan-China Maritime Confidence Building and Communications Mechanisms, PACNET #67, CSIS PACFORUM, 20 Aug 2013 (with James Przystup and James Manicom).
  • Southeast Asian Maritime Security in the Age of Terror: Threats, Opportunity, and Charting the Course Forward, RSIS Working Paper, No 75, Apr 2005.
  • The Indonesian Military as a Professional Organization: Criteria and Ramifications for Reform, Explorations, autumn 2005 (also published as RSIS Working Paper, No 73, Jan 2005).
  • The ROTC Advantage, American Enterprise. Fall 1999 (with Elias Lehrer).
  • Civil-Military Relations Theory, Reform. Muhammadiyah University Malang, Fall 1995.

Book Reviews

  • Review of Japan’s Security Renaissance by Andrew Oros, U.S. Naval War College Review, winter 2018 (with Matthew Noland).
  • Review of Japan as a Sea Power by Alessio Patalano, U.S. Naval War College Review, autumn 2015 (with Carlos Rosende).
  • Review of Bridging Troubled Waters by James Manicom, U.S. Naval War College Review, winter 2015 (with Joelle Portzer).
  • Review of Contemporary Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia: History, Causes and Remedies by Adam Young, International Journal of Maritime History, Dec 2007.

Web-Based Publications