About ICAS

The Institute for Contemporary Asian Studies is a forum for intellectual and cultural exchange operating under Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ).

Our mission is to provide a platform for international scholars to present and facilitate innovative academic discussions. ICAS events are interactive: speakers provide audiences with a starting point for discussion among participants from a variety of backgrounds.
Established in 2004 as the Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ICJS), the success of the Institute led to its broadened regional scope in 2010 as the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS). Today, ICAS hosts approximately 35 public lectures and symposium per year on topics ranging from politics, economy and foreign affairs,
to cinema and pop culture.

In doing so, ICAS fosters greater overseas understanding of Japan and Japanese international relations, plays a unique role in international education, and serves as the center of English-language intellectual and cultural life in Tokyo.

Notable Programs include:

  • Evening Lecture Series, which features discussions, book talks, film screenings, and other events throughout the year. See our recent programs here.
  • Adjunct Fellowship program, with 14 active fellows. ICAS fellows facilitate speaking engagements with the Evening Lecture Series, share research and networking opportunities, and participate in ICAS roundtable discussions.
  • Student Summer Fellowship program, which provides opportunities for student fellows to work with TUJ faculty members on collaborative research projects. Summer fellows also participate in networking opportunities in the professional communities of Japanese academia and government. The program is currently suspended for 2019 and will return in 2020.
  • Korea Japan Group on Asian Affairs

ICAS scholars also frequently lecture outside of TUJ. Robert Dujarric, Director of ICAS, has spoken at various conferences and lectures in Tokyo, Washington, New York and Paris. He also runs a discussion group in New York City, which meets around three times a year.

We welcome you to join us! Upcoming event information may be found here.