Robert Dujarric

Portrait photo of Robert Dujarric (Photo by Alexis Nabkov

Robert Dujarric

ICAS Co-Director

ICAS Co-Director Robert Dujarric first lived in Tokyo in 1986-87. He moved back to the city in 2004 as a Council on Foreign Relations (Hitachi) International Affairs Fellow at the Research Institute of Economy Trade and Industry (RIETI) of the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) prior to joining the Japan Institute of International Affairs in Tokyo (2005-7) as a visiting research fellow. He took his current position at TUJ in 2007.

Robert was raised in Paris and New York, worked at First Boston Corp. in 1984-87 (New York, Madrid, Tokyo) and Goldman Sachs in 1989-93 (New York, London) prior to joining a think tank in Washington in 1993. He graduated from Harvard College in 1983 and holds an MBA from Yale University (1989).

Besides co-directing the Institute, Robert is a frequent contributor to the public debate on Japanese affairs and international political and economic issues, writing op-eds, giving talks, and organizing TUJ events in New York City.

Robert has published several books and numerous articles and is often quoted in the press. He can be reached at